A Little Getaway

Do you ever wanna leave it all behind, just for awhile, and go on a road trip to anywhere?  I was lucky enough to do that myself this past Saturday.  At that point, I’d been 18 for exactly two days, and I was halfway through Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour (a good, road-trippin’ book that I would recommend).  Plus I’d just gotten a haircut.  I feel so free and clean and invincible after a good haircut.  These factors added up to a strong, strong urge to go on a road trip of any kind.  And so we did.

Garrett is no stranger to my spontaneous ideas, nor I to his.  Thirty minutes after I called him we were sitting in the blue truck I now know so well, with a couple of twenties and a longing for some kind of adventure.  With my feet out the window and a song in my head, I realized it was one of those blessed days that makes me thankful for life, in general.

We headed east (?) out of town to Warsaw, the absolute perfect road trip destination.  Warsaw is small (that’s almost too generous).  It’s tiny.  It has a couple of delicious restaurants, places for homemade ice cream and fudge, a lakeside park, and an insane amount of antique shops.  See, perfect.

In a bit of misfortune, both restaurants we had our eye on for lunch were closed at the time we arrived, or just closed on Saturdays.  We made our way to Cow Pattie instead, where we were served by a waitress named Sheila who called us “hon,” and brought me biscuits and gravy and Garrett a heart attack on a plate (or maaaybe just a very large sandwich).  It was again, perfect.

After lunch we gradually made our way through several antique shops where we found treasures like a tiny telescope, a pretty blue ceramic elephant, and a post card from 1908.  And also things like…Road Kill Opossum.  In a can.  *clears throat*

Anyway, the stores we visited combined with the flawless blue sky and sparkling lake ensured our day was Instagram heaven.

At the last place we visited, I happened upon a Rooney cd for a buck that immediately became our on-the-road soundtrack, and makes me feel like a free-spirit California kid.  Though I’m perfectly happy being a Missouri girl for now.

xo, j


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