Fifty $2 Bills: A Random Act of Kindness

I was not having the best day this past Saturday.

Not the best?  Okay, it was awful.  I was grumpy, stressed, and sleepy.  I was in an inexplicably poor mood on a wonderfully beautiful day and my grouchy, yucky feelings didn’t look to be evaporating anytime soon.  Then, I got mail.  

I’ve always loved getting letters, but I wasn’t too excited about this one.  The envelope referenced my school, and I figured it was a cheery warning of some sort: “do NOT forget to pay your library fines!  Thanks!”

The contents were much thicker, though, and as I fumbled to tear apart the paper, my curiosity grew.

Inside the envelope were fifty perfectly pressed $2 bills.

The accompanying letter informed me I’d been chosen as a recipient for this random act of kindness, in part because of my apparently evidenced leadership skills.  The anonymous donor behind the money hoped that I’d remember this gift, and “pass it along” to others in need throughout my life.

Just like that, my day and outlook changed.  The phrase “made my day” is often overused, but this really did.

My bad mood was kicked away and I felt like anything and everything was possible.  I got to work on my Mother’s Day plans and started daydreaming ways I could “pass along” the kindness as soon as possible.  And I made this.

I definitely can’t take credit for the idea- saw it on Pinterest- but instead of being content with simply pinning the image to a virtual board, I got up and made this (to be left in a local grocery store shortly).  On the back I wrote applicable Bible verses, and I’m praying that this simple little sheet of paper could really make someone’s day, like an anonymous letter did for me.

Thank you, whoever you are!

Any ideas for more random acts of kindness?  Let’s spread it!

xo, j


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