The Friday Five: A Midsummer Night’s Discussion of Some Things I’ve Been Enjoying

1.  Nutella-swirl banana bread.  It’s baking in the oven right now.  I’ve made this recipe before and it is…okay, it’s moist, slightly-sweet perfect banana bread with ribbons of melted hazelnut chocolate throughout. …Must I expound?  Recipe by Kirbie’s Cravings.  Give it a try, it’s easy.

2.  TED.  This is the best app!  In case you haven’t heard, TED is a free app and website that promises “Ideas Worth Spreading.”  It’s basically a massive collection of short awesome speeches on everything from anthropology to the origin of the fortune cookie.  Recently I listened to “A Plea for Bees” by a guy named Dennis vanEngelsdorp, a lead scientist on the problem of bee colony collapse disorder.  It was interesting!  If you really want to learn something new every day, download this app.

3.  Acoustic guitar covers of hip-hop songs.  I’m teaching myself guitar, with the aid of a couple pieces of paper and some YouTube videos.  And I’ve been working for hours on turning Outkast’s hip-hoppy, toe-tappin’ “Hey Ya” into a folksy, pretty, almost dreamy acoustic cover.  Of course, I couldn’t do it alone.  I’m loving Nail Guitar’s videos.

4.  The Fault in Our Stars.  John Green’s best yet, this novel will make you laugh and cry (people always say that and it’s never true.  This book, however, WILL make you cry).  And think.  So please read it.  Read a synopsis here.

5.  Fresh peaches and dinosaurs.  I love doing something just a tad out of the ordinary.  Like, instead of just driving straight to where you’re going, you stop somewhere random and give it a shot.  We did just that a few days ago.  A roadside…market, I guess is the word, that was a garage-saler’s heaven.  We found rubbery dinosaur puppets, so that makes the stop worth it right there.  Inside the barn, though, greater things awaited.  Honey.  Apple-butter.  Gourds painted in geometric patterns.  Peaches.  Oh, yum, the peaches.

xo, j


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