Baby, It’s…Really Hot Outside

Our grass is dead and our flowers are dying.  Our dog has secured a spot on the sofa, safe in the AC where she’s not usually allowed.  Lip balm left in cars is melting.  I can barely stand to touch the black steering wheel of my Ford Fusion and don’t even think about wearing pants.  It’s hot. 102°, to be precise.  

My backyard

I’ve found a new source of solace, though, beyond the usual dips in the pool and ice cream cones.  

I’ve been thinking about fall and winter, past and future, and it’s actually helping.  Because before, I’d been making myself sad by realizing that summer was about 2/3 over.  And summer is my favorite.

“Great, fall and winter are almost here,” I’d grumble to myself, miserably and irrationally.  But then I started remembering things.  And I realized that fall and winter are just another kind of awesome.  And when I thought about them, I felt a little cooler (temperature-wise, duh).  And I felt excited, too.

If you’re sweating in the miserable heat, yet mourning the inevitable end of summer, this list is for you.

Reasons To Be Happy When Summer Ends: 

-jeans are comfy and cute and flattering and you can wear them now without sweating your denim-covered legs off.

-jackets.  jackets are the cutest.  blazers and fleece and leather and whatever.

-cool, crisp air.  there’s seriously nothing better than the Midwest transition from humid, heavy summer air to clean, beautiful fall air.

-the drinks.  chai.  apple cider.  hot cocoa.  celestial seasonings ‘sleepy time’ tea.

-you can take a simple walk with your special someone and look at the trees and it’ll be the most romantic thing ever because of the beautiful leaves.

-fall is just plain cozy.  summer is relaxing; fall is cozy.

-mysteries.  watch them.  read them.  listen to them.  whatever.  tis the season.

-your pets will stop shedding.  it’s more enjoyable to snuggle with your dog when she stops shedding enough to make a rug.

-you can cook things with pumpkin.  pumpkin bread, muffins…pumpkin pie milkshakes

-caramel apples.  you’re just not going to have the opportunity to enjoy these at any other time.  nobody’s like: ‘it’s april, let’s make candy apples.’  eat them now.

-bonfires.  so much better than in summer, when every time you step outside feels like a bonfire anyway.  you could even get fancy with s’mores.

-movies.  the lord of the rings trilogy; harry potter…it all feels like fall.

-puzzles.  when’s the last time you just sat down with someone and did a jigsaw puzzle?  here’s a link to a thousand-piece beatles abbey road puzzle you can buy for fifteen bucks.  you’re welcome.

-cinnamon rolls.  and other time-consuming breakfast treats.  get up early one saturday and bake something you’ve always wanted to try.  why not?  it’s fall.

-the september issue.  everyone knows magazines are the best in the fall.

-nail color.  fall shades are pretty, grown-up, and daring.  now is the time to indulge in a dreamy deep navy, sophisticated taupe, or bold plum.  go ahead and buy that new essie.

-boots.  boots are gorgeous and you can wear them now.  ugg boots, riding boots, slouchy boots…

-fun with friends.  football games, corn mazes, just jumping in the leaves.  there’s so much to do.

-classes start again.  aren’t you ready to get smart?

-no more melting-off makeup.

-a new soundtrack.  forget the rihanna repeats.  it’s fall and time for something new.  check out the civil wars and iron and wine.

Did I miss anything?  Leave it in a comment! 🙂

(I almost want to start a countdown to fall after this.  But instead, I think I’ll just take it day by day :))

xo, j


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