Peaches & Cream Crepes for Two

It’s the small indulgences that make life so sweet.  Like a perfectly ripe late-summer peach.  A leisurely breakfast at 10 am.  Fresh whipped cream.  Or how about all three?  My Peaches & Cream Crepes for Two are inspired by a wonderful crepe I enjoyed at Aviary Cafe and Creperie.  They would be perfect for a birthday breakfast in bed, Mother’s Day surprise, or for any day that needs a sweet start.  They’re a little involved, but not at all challenging to make.

You can whip these up really quickly, especially if you make the crepe batter and simple syrup the night before.  But that’s absolutely not necessary.

Peaches & Cream Crepes for Two

Makes: 2 generous servings, with a few crepes left over.  (Could easily serve 3.  Or possibly 4.  But that’s not as fun)

Takes: 1 hour (that’s including the cooking time for the simple syrup)


For the simple syrup: 2 peaches, peeled and pitted.  A bit of water.  1/2 c sugar.  1 tsp vanilla.

For the filling: 4 ounces mascarpone (you’ll mix it with the simple syrup to make it peachy).

For the whipped cream: 1 c heavy whipping cream.  2 Tbsp powdered sugar.  1 peach, mashed.

For the crepes: 1 1/4 c flour.  Pinch of salt.  3 eggs, beaten.  1 1/2 c milk.  2 Tbsp butter, melted.

For the garnish and topping: a few fresh mint leaves.  A few peaches, sliced.

First, make the simple syrup.  Toss your 2 peeled and pitted peaches in a small saucepan with a little bit of water (just hold the pan under the faucet for a second or two).  Simmer over a low heat for 10 to 15 minutes.  Mash the peaches up with a potato masher, then stir in the sugar.  Heat to a boil; cook for 5 0r 6 minutes.  Add the tsp of vanilla, stir, and cook for another minute or 2.  By now the mixture should be slightly syrupy.  If it’s not, let cook awhile longer.  Turn off the heat and let cool a bit.  Now, get a small strainer, a container to store the syrup in, and a spoon. Using a spoon, press the peach juice through the strainer and into the container.  (Eat the peach bits that don’t make it into the syrup.  They taste like a warm, peach version of applesauce.  Mm).

Make the filling.  This is easy stuff.  Simply mix the 4 ounces of mascarpone with the simple syrup.  Not all of it.  Add the simple syrup a few spoonfuls at a time until you get it as peachy as you want it.  You’ll have some simple syrup left over.  You’ll drizzle it on top of the crepes later, and you can also mix it with more mascarpone if you need more filling.

Make the whipped cream.  Beat the cream with an electric mixer on high until soft peaks form.  Beat in the powdered sugar, and then the peach.

Make the crepes.  This couldn’t get much easier: simply place everything in a blender and mix well.  Then, heat up a nonstick pan on medium-high.  Using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, pour batter into the hot pan.  Pick up the pan and swirl quickly so the batter covers the entire bottom.  Set down and let crepe cook until the edges are slightly browned and it’s set.  Using a rubber spatula, loosen crepe around the edges and flip onto a plate.  Keep makin’ em!  You should end up with about 11.  If you’re not feeling confident in your crepe-making skills, check out this link for some help.

Assemble.  The best part, because you’re almost done!  Spread the prepared peachy-mascarpone onto the crepes.  Fold them.  You can learn about crepe folds here.  My favorite is the wedge fold- basically, spread filling in the middle and fold in half twice.  Now drizzle a bit of simple syrup onto the filled crepes.  Top with the whipped cream.  Arrange the mint leaves and peach slices how you’d like.  Take pictures of your beautiful creation.


xo, j


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