How to Have Hope

Today is gorgeous and wonderful.  Campus is covered with fire-colored leaves, brighter than I’ve ever seen.  And it’s the middle of October and I’m writing this…lying on my stomach on a grassy courtyard.  Yeah, it’s in the 70s today, breezy and nearly hot when you lie in the sun for awhile.  Ahhh.  Anyway, I was just relaxing and reading the book of 1st Corinthians and feeling perfectly content when I decided to take out the notebook I use to write down prayers and the like and just read through it.  I happened upon an entry I’d made just about ten days ago entitled, “How to Have Hope.”  I made that list because I was feeling a bit depressed, lonely.  And I just thought I’d share it.  God has been teaching me that even through the bad days I can trust him.  I don’t need to freak out when things go wrong, I don’t need to worry and stress and try to fix everything.  I just need to put my hope where it belongs.

How to Have Hope

remember these facts about God:

He’s the one thing that doesn’t change

He loves you despite your faults

He made you the way you are- so you can celebrate how “fearfully and wonderfully made” you are

He has a plan for your life- and it’s better than what you think you want- which probably changes all the time anyway

He doesn’t want you to worry (Matthew chapter 6)

He has prepared a place for you in heaven

Your salvation is a gift from God- you could never earn it, and you don’t have to try

You can have true joy that lasts simply by knowing, believing, and remembering the incredible fact that God loves you, made you, and is saving you from yourself

God can’t lose

You can’t “mess up” God’s will for your life by doing something dumb or making the wrong choice.  He’s in control of all

He is loving

He is just.  We don’t have to worry about seeking revenge

His truth stands forever


Honestly, it’s impossible to know and believe all these things and not have joy.  And what a blessing that is!

xo, j


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