Guilty Pleasure of the Week: “Never Let You Go”

Hey, watch out.

Cuz, um, I’m about to make your day.

If, that is, you’re an enthusiastic 90’s girl who once watched The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan every day for like five years of your young life. If, in other words, you’re anything like me.

(If not, you’re probably a huge fan anyway, and just won’t admit it. Let’s be real.)

So remember that scene when Natasha Richardson takes Lindsay Lo to her boutique and they help with that bridal shoot? And it’s this wonderful, happy scene, backed by this song that goes something like: “do you knowww. I’ll never let you go. Hey oh ma ma ma naydoarayya! Hey oh ma ma ma naydoarayya!” Yeah, sort of like that. It’s been stuck in my head off and on for the last…oh, I dunno, decade or so.

Well, I finally looked it up. After a few tries (my searching was inhibited by my obviously-lacking lyrical knowledge- Google doesn’t actually recognize “naydoarayya”), I found it. “Never Let You Go” by Jakaranda. I’m not even too embarrassed to admit that I’ve had this on repeat for pretty much the last 24 hours.

The scene: 

Click here for just the song.

Why not take a few and dance around and be eight years old again?

No one has to know.

xo, j


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