The Friday Five: Winter Survival Kit

Baby, it’s cold outside. Low of seven these past few days, according to my weather app. Never mind that we were all running around in shorts last week. Missouri weather is temperamental, a real drama queen.Shadows on the quad

I’m a summer girl, so shivering in a heavy coat is not my idea of a good time. I love being barefoot, reading in the grass, having water balloon fights, eating watermelon, and wearing shorts. I lifeguard. I tan like nobody’s business, without trying. I miss being warm.

But, here are 5 things that are making my winter days a little more bearable.

1. My First Ascent down jacket. These coats are expensive but oh-so-worth it. It has been so cold that without this beautifully-engineered, feather-filled piece of Eddie Bauer wonderfulness, my arms might literally freeze right off. That is not a misuse of the word “literally.”

2. Tea. Yeah, I know, real original. But there is nothing better than a hot mug of chai tea on a frigid day, especially when it’s in a cute owl mug.

3. Making an effort to be thankful. If you haven’t yet read “One Thousand Gifts” by Ann Voskamp, I highly suggest you get your hands on a copy. The memoir chronicles the author’s journey to see God’s blessings and love- in everything. To be thankful, for everythingEven and especially when it’s really really hard. There is power, I have learned, in living a truly thankful life. And that’s what I’m working towards. I’m challenging myself to do what Voskamp did: write down one thousand “gifts,” found in the good, the bad, and the- at first glance- just plain ugly. It’s producing an unexpected joy. Again, read this book. It is truly beautiful.

4. Twenty One Pilots. I can’t get enough of these guys. Each song is clever, fresh, and completely unexpected. This music is unpredictable in the best ways, going in places impossible to anticipate. I’m officially addicted to these Matt & Kim+Eminem+AWOLNATION sounds.

5. Tiger X. These classes at Mizzou Rec are a lifesaver, helping me produce mood-saving endorphins in fun ways like yoga and hip-hop dancing. Yes please! Also, I’m gonna be ready for swimsuit season. I’m trying to attend one class every single day.

Stay happy, be thankful, and drink lots of tea! Spring’s not too far out of sight.

xo, j


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