5 Things That Need to Stop Happening

Tilly's sick of it, too
Tilly’s sick of it, too

Live, Laugh, Love. I don’t know exactly why, but I cringe every time I see this. It’s so vanilla, so cliche. It’s overuse has rendered it essentially meaningless. It’s like, thanks for the advice, little cross-stitched pillow. My goals were die, grumble, hate, but you’ve really helped me turn my life around.

Stuff stuffed with stuff. If you’re on Pinterest, you know what I’m talking about. “Oreo-stuffed chocolate chip cookies!!!” “Truffle-stuffed brownie pops!!!” “Peanut-butter-stuffed marshmallows!!!” Seriously? A) ain’t nobody got time for that. B) 2/3 of American adults are considered overweight or obese. Two. Thirds. I think we’re a little too stuffed already, wouldn’t you agree?

Misuse of literally. I know I’m not the first one to say this. But it literally bears repeating. In some situations it’s purely ridiculous- “I literally laughed my head off.” “I literally died-” and that can actually be hilarious. It’s almost worse and more annoying when the “literally” is inserted in a mundane sentence and essentially has no meaning. For example, I just overheard: “oh, I would join. But I literally don’t have time.” Oh, thanks for clearing that up for me. Before, when you just said you didn’t have time, I assumed you were joking.

Campbell’s Microwavable/Soup on the Go lids. Picture the scene: you’re sick in your dorm room and oh-so-ready for a bowl of healing chickeny goodness. You open the microwave, take the cup of soup and carefully peel back the metal lid…only to have the blobs of soup that collected on the edge spray directly into your tired eyes. I know that that’s happened to you. It’s happened to everyone. Someone needs to redesign these lids, or we should boycott. Who’s with me?!

Defiant/definite. “Defiantly” means in a rebellious manner, or, boldly resistant. “Definitely” means indisputable or certain or clearly defined. They are not synonyms and “definitely” never, ever contains an a. Get it right. http://www.d-e-f-i-n-i-t-e-l-y.com/index.html 

That’s all for now.

Any pet peeves you need to vent?

xo, j


2 thoughts on “5 Things That Need to Stop Happening

  1. That was literally the greatest post evar 😉

    Oh my goodness, when people misuse words or make up words that seem to “sound right,” like “irregardless.” That one just makes the hairs on my neck bristle.

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