Oh Happy Day

Well hi! Before I start, this post needs a disclaimer: I’m in a really cheery mood, so if you’re not, you might not wanna read this. 😉

I’m a happy girl right now, so I thought I’d write a quick “what’s up with my life” post. I haven’t written much over the past two months and there are some very specific reasons for that but now I’m feeling like I can finally catch my breath!

Happy things:

•I just got out of English 30 minutes early

•I’m currently enjoying a bar of Toblerone

•it’s sunny

•only two more days of school (or 5 classes) until break begins!

•Mom keeps snapchatting me pictures of my sweet pup and kitty cat, who I get to see very soon!

•I’ve had “I’m a Bomb” by Natasha Bedingfield playing on my iPod all day. It’s really girly and poppy and probably cheesy and I love it

•I have gorgeous pink flowers in my room- courtesy of my amazing boyfriend- that make me smile every time I see thempink flowers from Bryan

•French Club is meeting at BubbleCup tonight and…I like bubble tea a whole lot

•I’m wearing a blush pink headband with a huge chiffon flower and it’s probably against the law to be gloomy while wearing something like that

•I had truffles for breakfast and then in French we basically just talked about macarons. Yummy day

•I get to see one of my very favorite bands in CoMo next month. Yes please! And I have the perfect punky-girly dress for the concert, which just happens to be a couple of days before my 19th birthday

•I have really cool friends and I’m really excited by what God is doing in their lives

•my nails are painted in Essie’s “Tea & Crumpets,” which is a ridiculous and adorable name for a bottle of nail polish

•Easter is coming and it’s my favorite: what better time to feel joyful than when celebrating Jesus’s resurrection?


I feel like my happy-go-lucky self again- she hides out in the winter-  and it’s quite nice! 🙂

The last two months have been…kind of hard. Not terrible or anything, but rather dreary : largely because of the weather and oppressive amounts of homework. Especially in…*cue ominous music*…science class. But that’s a story for another time. 😉

Have a great day!

Song of the Day: I’m a Bomb by Natasha Bedingfield

xo, j


3 thoughts on “Oh Happy Day

    1. Haha, thanks! 🙂 I’m glad you commented, because it allowed me to find your blog…and although I’m not a post-grad, but just a freshman, it still looks like a really great resource to be aware of!

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