Pretty Things I Found and Liked: Spring 2013

Pretty Things I Found and Liked, 2013It’s Spring Break! It’s Spring Break, and I live in Missouri. This means that, rather than don any of the cute items you see above, I’m instead keeping warm by a fire as swirling snowflakes pelt the windows. My home state has been teasing with hints of spring for the last month. Its favorite tactic is to give us warmth and sunshine right before a huge snowstorm. Nice try, Show-Me State. You’re not funny. It may be Spring Break, but it isn’t spring. Boo. In an effort to cheer up, I’ve been shopping around online a bit, and above is the result. Not attempting to follow any particular theme, my picks for this season seemed to fit together pretty nicely anyway.
I’m loving classy and classic with a playful spin:
•polka dots, pops of coral, buttery chestnut leather heels
•A-line skirts and girly sneakers
•Kate Spade’s “Twirl” fragrance: which has become my signature scent– my boyfriend loves it and says I smell like “Jessi: Classic” when I wear it– and which one can often find at Marshall’s for half the regular price, FYI.
•macarons: which one cannot necessarily wear but which are just très mignon, oui?
Click the picture for links to all the items.
What are you loving, style-wise, for spring?
xo, j
P.S. Happy Spring, no matter what it looks like! Dreary and cold, like here in MO? I don’t know about you, but I’m blamin’ the groundhog.

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