Motorcycles, Momofuku, and Mere Christianity: Make a Summer List and Just Do It

Hi! It’s been awhile, and I am glad to be back. I’ve really missed the blogging world. I’m admiring the new and improved WordPress which I didn’t even know had changed until today!

I have a lot to share: finals, Florida, interesting day trips…but not today. Today, let’s talk about lists.

I think that you’re either a list person or you aren’t. I fall into the former category, no question. My family still has a list I made in childhood, the first one I can remember. It’s in my dad’s handwriting, for I was too little to write it myself, and on a piece of paper shaped like an apple slice, seeds and all. The paper contains a menu: everything a four-year-old could imagine for the greatest picnic ever. We had to serve potato chips, lemonade, chicken, sandwiches, cake…the list went on. I think crawdads made the list: a treat I was able to appreciate thanks to my rural Missouri upbringing. Barely out of the toddler stage, I wasn’t exactly prepared to play party hostess. But it didn’t matter. I didn’t need to do that; I just needed to make the list.

I never lost my love of lists. I make them constantly. I have entire notebooks dedicated to lists. Things I like, things I don’t, places I’ve been, places I wanna go, dream menus, splurge ideas, favorite music, shopping needs, date ideas, and oh yeah, goals. There’s just something satisfying about a really good list. And when you’re able to actually check things off of one? That’s a good feeling.

Below, you’ll see my list of goals for this summer, things I actually plan to accomplish! That way, when people ask me what I did with my summer, I won’t say: “Uh, I worked and hung out and…stuff.” I can instead say: “well, I learned how to make macarons, went on road trips, got my motorcycle license, and read four hefty books of the Bible.” Etc. Etc.

Summer ListIf you’re a list person, summer is the perfect chance to start one. Add some fun stuff, some self-betterment stuff, some healthy stuff (spiritually, physically…). Make it pretty and put it somewhere prominent. And then get to work doing some things you’ve always wanted to!

If you do make a list, I’d love to hear what’s on it!

And I’ll keep ya posted on my progress.

Happy Summer!

xo, j


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