Hello Goodbuys

I hate fashion ruts.

It’s fun to have fun, clothes-wise, and when I realize I’ve been wearing variations of the same outfit for weeks, it’s time to do something about it. That used to mean resorting to dramatics: “this sort of looks good…I think? At least it’s interesting.”

Now, though, I’ve found that a trip to Marshall’s usually does the job, and inexpensively. It’s the ultimate stop for treasure hunting, as I’ve found silk Ralph Lauren blouses, velour Juicy Couture bags, Joe’s Jeans denim shorts, and fun Betsey Johnson earrings among the racks of off-season logo tees and wrinkled polyester button-downs. The fact that the good stuff is hidden is part of this place’s charm.

Dotty shorts editI had fun with the above outfit, since I’m sort of new to pattern play. It felt fresh to wear anchors & polka dots together. I’m accessorizing with Banana Republic leather and my favorite shoes: comfy TOMS wedges (a birthday present from my boyfriend).

Below are two more pieces that have gotten quite a lot of wear in the past few months. Oh, and everything here was an average of $20 apiece, as well as better quality than a lot of what you find at the mall.

Coral top cropI love splurging at stores like Anthropologie for items I really love, things that I’ll wear for years, and then being able to get my trendy/seasonal stuff at Marshall’s! If you’ve always dismissed the place for its ugly concrete & boring-navy-logo-ness, I’ll let you in on a secret: it’s just a front.

Marshall’s works well with my colorful, girly, and J.Crew-inspired style, and I think it could work for anyone as long as you don’t mind sorting through racks of eh to find what works. It’s totally worth it.

If you know of any other can’t-miss places to go and/or the strategies to find good stuff at them…lemme hear it.




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