Finals Week

Nose in a bookstudy. throw your hair up and your best yoga pants on and open a book. drink a cup of tea ‘cause you don’t like coffee. two. three.

disguise tired eyes with Benefit mascara and tell yourself this “A” you have to get is really worth the trouble.

worth it more than sleep. sleep is for the weak when brain cells aren’t being used to their fullest potential. waste of space. reread. reread.

find an outlet, charge your Mac, dream of summer, then get focused again.

despair. wonder why you’re here: this building, this campus, this earth.

shake it off, suck it up, take Excedrin, unplug, recharge, restart. fresh page, new pen, new subject. begin.

drive to test, lucky scarf, perfect seat, post-exam plans. remember verb conjugations and long term memory learning sequences in the brain and think of how to read a stock quote and think of Shakespeare’s pizza– no, that’s later. think of how to refute the point that double negatives are illogical. think of the effects of prenatal testosterone.

curse Gen Eds. fill in dozens of little circles as fast as you can. roll out your neck. repeat the process three times.

feel the relief. relief.

crumple up your old notes and throw them in the trash.

call your mom, stupid-giddy, pack your clothes and cat, drive your car two hours home and sing “I’ll be Home for Christmas.”

you survived finals week.

xo, j

To my college friends: happy finals!


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