finally, france

Milford James va visiter Paris aussi?
Milford James va visiter Paris aussi?


So…I leave for Paris tomorrow.

You don’t know how long I’ve waited to write those words, those thrilling & romantic words. Years, in some respects.

As of a few hours ago, I’m all packed, and I think I’ve gotten it all. The boring stuff– Q-tips, money belt, socks…– and the good stuff: a little black dress, a fresh bottle of Miss Dior, ballerina flats, a brand new camera, a white-striped scarf, and a thick leather-bound copy of Anna Karenina.

How does it feel when a dream like this finally begins to come true? So, so strange. Good! But strange. Because I can’t think straight and probably won’t be able to go to sleep for awhile, I thought it would be a good time to explain just what I’m doing this summer and introduce the temporary new function of my blog: to serve as a record of my travels.

I will be studying abroad through Mizzou with the French Language & Culture Summer 2014 program, through the International Center. I’ll be attending classes at Sciences-U in Lyon, where I’ll be living with a host family. (Note on that: we’ve emailed en français and my family seems really nice. They have two young daughters & a cat. I can’t wait to meet them!) I’ll be earning six credits towards my French minor. Before that, though, is Paris! All of us in the program– about a dozen girls & one guy, plus of course our leader/guide– will meet at our hotel in Paris on the 31st. We then have a whole week just to explore, eat the food, & see the sights. After that comes our five weeks in Lyon, where we will take courses that will apparently include things like wine tastings, cheese tastings, and trips to the market (as much of the program is gastronomy-based: yippee!). We’ll take classes four days a week and will get to take weekend excursions to places not-yet-determined! After the program ends, I will be taking a train to Marseille and staying there for a little bit.

So I invite you to stay tuned throughout the summer for lots of pretty pictures, probably an embarrassing story or three, and just a little glimpse into France as seen through the eyes of a Missouri girl.

Bonne nuit et à bientôt,


P.S. big, big thanks to my mom for being the absolute best & doing so much to get me on my way. My default is head-in-the-clouds, but Mom’s is feet-on-the-ground, and without her practical advice & help, my dreams would sail away like balloons and pop when faced with reality. Thanks for not letting them pop :). Love you.


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