Un Pique-Nique Délicieux

tartBonjour! I had hoped to be writing more, but c’est pas possible! Every day here feels like three– in a good way– but leaves no time for things like reading, blogging, or sleep. 😛

We joke that we can’t remember what we’ve done only hours before & that it feels like we’ve been here for weeks at least. I’ve never been so busy or so far from bored. It’s marvelous.

And delicious. I’m taking the study abroad program’s gastronomy capstone course, & yesterday we prepared for today’s “pique-nique,” which we enjoyed in les jardins at Versailles, surrounded by classical music & fountains. Blog picnic

Here’s my first plate. Megan bought the baguettes that morning from a boulangerie around the corner from our hotel, Khalil picked out the cheese– roquefort, brie, chèvre–, I selected the chocolate-hazelnut tart from a patisserie, Casey bought the in-season fruit from a tiny market, Savannah bought the smoked salmon & salami, and Stephanie bought the wine. We also had wild blueberry jam, Orangina, foie gras…

It was a delicious & successful group effort, I’d say, as well as a good learning experience. Hey, now I know that it’s possible to open a wine bottle with a shoe and that Katelyn can spit a cherry pit the farthest. (And that I much prefer white wine to red and that I want to eat foie gras forever.)

The wine + shoe experiment
The wine + shoe experiment 

À bientôt,



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