Exploring Le Vieux Lyon

Door & flowersSaturday, everyone in my study abroad group met up again, this time to see the Vieux Lyon.

That’s me on the left in the dress.la groupe

One thing we did was climb approximately one million stairs (we’re good at that by now) to enjoy the view near the Basilisque.view

There was, happily, ice cream involved. It has been really hot here lately and it’s difficult to get used to no AC!

Big deal, though. I can live with it.ice cream« Je voudrais un pot double à emporter avec du poire et du rose »  

Pear & rose ice cream. Refreshing.

hotel signIsn’t this the prettiest city view? Plus, just as I took the picture, that awesome bird swooped into view.lamp and vue cathThis will have to be a mainly-pictures post, because a big part of the day was spent visiting several of the “secret passages” that the Italian silk traders established to…. well, all I really remember right now is that they were a welcome respite from the heat. Here’s hoping my professor doesn’t read this. 😉

I was listening, I swear.

Until the next,



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