Voyage au Sud: Days 1 & 2

avigLast weekend was our big trip to the South of France. Just three days, it was a whirlwind of lavender fields, seafood paella, impromptu dance parties, good conversations, swimming in the sea, shopping sales, and so much more (all set to the pulse of the latest French pop).

I took lots of pictures, so feel free to follow me around.

Friday we left early, meeting at the train station with all our stuff. “All our stuff” was, for most people, a small backpack.

I was, uh, too prepared. Me + packing is a problem, it really is. But it was okay because we had two vehicles, one of them a huge (by French standards) van.

After weeks and weeks of the metro, a road trip felt like a refreshing luxury. We had the windows down and the “Sky Rock” turned up and you couldn’t beat the view.road trip Khalil & I got our groove on. Everybody (with the exception of Sipe, probably) loved this “Prie Pour Moi” song that kept playing. “bang bang…”

Before too long, we were in the all-kinds-of-cute town of Orange where we stopped and had a picnic for lunch. Walking around after, Katelyn and Stephanie and I found some cute cats.  orangekitty

We also saw the Cathédrale Notre-Dame-de-Nazareth d’Orange. I adore the colors! purple church

After that, we visited the Théâtre Antique d’Orange. My pictures don’t come close to capturing how huge it viewtheaterpre

jumpThen it was off to Avignon, to the Pop Hostel. Last weekend was my first real hostel experience, and it was good! Cute, clean, simple, and in a good location.

After we found our rooms, some of us did a little shopping. Naf Naf is my new favorite. I found several colorful & exotic-looking skirts and a great little black dress. Thank goodness for the soldes.

palais JesusWe then visited the Palais des Papes and went to dinner at a cute little tartine place. Goat cheese and honey is my preference.

After dinner, some people went out, but Erika and I took the opportunity to rest a little bit at the hostel and chill in our pajamas and chat, which I thoroughly enjoyed. 🙂 That’s been one of the best parts of the trip for sure, just getting to know everybody. I flew to Paris to live with a group of strangers for a week, and then on to Lyon to live in a house with a different group of strangers for a month, and I’m so thankful for the family I’ve found in all of that.

The next day we woke up early, made our way to a cute, tiny town for picnic supplies…colorades…and then visited the gorgeous Abbaye Notre-Dame de Sénanque and its lavender fields. abbeyGorgeous, eh? Can I just live there? (Except not really, because then I’d be a monk)lavastrollingflower powerstephlavande

Then we went inside for a big group tour in rapid French that–let’s be real–was probably only clear to us about 10% of the time. Nevertheless, it was cool to see.

Most of us had to wear shawls because we were all wearing tank tops and strappy dresses.


Aren’t they pretty? 🙂 J’adore candid shots.
courtyardcourtyard another view

We then had our picnic, took some pictures of this crazy-beautiful view, and made our way towards Marseille, which I will cover soon.cliff



P.S. mood music. Song of this post/trip à mon avis is “Am I Wrong” by Nico & Vinz 🙂


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