Voyage Au Sud: Marseille & Cassis (Days 2 & 3)

boatSaturday we drove to Marseille and arrived in the afternoon. The city definitely had a different feel from Paris or Lyon. I don’t know how to describe it exactly. More…bustle-y. It felt foreign in a different way. Mars. mirror

mirrormirrorAfter a brief rest at our hotel, we visited the Palais Longchamp, one of my favorite monuments by far.


photographHere’s Casey (the bravest among us for choosing to earn honors credit in Gastronomy) giving us a brief presentation about the palace. caseyflowersrainbowAfter taking an appropriate amount of pictures, we set out to find something to eat. Meghann, Erika, Molly, Stephanie and I found a place near le Vieux-Port. Basically we just wanted seafood. It was obligatory. Molly
paellalemonI ate until I was about to burst, soup with bread and cheese, paella, lemon meringue tart… It was lovely.

And after dinner we followed our ears to an…outdoor-dj-party-thing…and danced like crazy for awhile before running back to the hotel, singing “Jai Ho” in the streets (don’t ask me why).

That’s about it for our time in Marseille, short and sweet.

We slept, woke up early, and drove to Cassis. It was cloudy, but the day got prettier as it went along.


markett boat2It was a good thing, too, because it was finally, finally, swim-in-the-ocean day. MedHellooo Mediterranean Sea! Stephanie and I hit the water like a couple of homesick porpoises. Saltwater is good for the soul (and well, even the hair).viewSteph in sea

the sea





I’ve fallen in love with Southern France. 🙂




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