Une Vue Magnifique & un Délicieux Dîner à Nîmes

fly2On Tuesday, Spencer, Camille, and I woke around noon-ish (the luxuries of vacation), had a petit déjeuner, then left for a flight with Olivier’s flight instructor to see the mountains with a bird’s-eye view. planeThe plane was a Cessna quite like my dad’s, which my familiarity with did not prevent a sudden onset of nausea when the instructor swooped the plane around to show us an interesting lake. 😛

Nevertheless, the view was grand.mountainsSpencecamplanefly 3Before too long, we had to get back so Camille and Spence could change and get to their concert: The Black Keys at a Roman amphitheater in Nîmes (about an hour away).arenaThough I didn’t actually attend the concert, it was, just from the outside, one of the coolest venues I’ve ever seen. The arena was built around 70 AD and remodeled in the 1800s to serve as a bullring. Still today, it hosts two annual bullfighting festivals: the Féria de Pentecôte at the end of May and Féria des Vendanges in September.

Spencer and Camille went to their concert and I walked around with Lydie and Olivier, looking at restaurants. Nearly every place near the arena featured le taureau somehow either in its name, signs, decor, or on the front of the menu (not as an option on the menu, mind you).

We found a place just near the arena and started dinner with some kir. I was then encouraged to order some foie gras, which has become, during my time in France, officially one of my favorite foods in the world ever.foie grasO&LDinner was delicious and set to live Black Keys music just behind us, and I really enjoyed chatting with Lydie and Olivier (en français bien sûr).

That’s one of the best things about learning a second language, I think, the new connections it allows you to make that would be impossible otherwise. The more you learn, the more people you’re able to get to know, and thus, the more motivated you become to continue to learn.meatIt was a lovely, pretty, linguistically-satisfying day.





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