Kansas City in the rain

Florent at the fountainFlorent and I recently visited the Plaza in Kansas City. We decided to go at the last minute and left after my morning Lit class. Florent’s a good driver, so he took the keys; allowing me to sing, read, and snap pictures to my heart’s content, feet on the dashboard.

We drove along I-70, stopping for lunch at some middle-of-nowhere McDonald’s so that Florent could finally try a genuine American MacDo burger and fries. MacDo When we got to the Plaza, parking in a garage on a crazy-steep hill, it was rainy, chilly and beautifully gray, an in-between-seasons sort-of day.

open roadtheatergoosedropletsWe both bought new black coats at the first store we visited and shed our old ones in the car before continuing on in the rain. Early afternoon on a Friday, there wasn’t much of a crowd and it felt like we had the place almost to ourselves.

The Country Club Plaza’s a good place to go if you have money to spend, but it was more of a day for faire du lèche-vitrines (window shopping), and that was enough. We took the escalator at my favorite Barnes & Noble (four levels!) and Florent cracked up over a YA book called “Anna and the French Kiss,” calling it “so American.” We took pictures of statues and of the fountains, flowing with hyper-blue water. I pointed out the courts where I played district tennis in high-school and we walked to the Kemper museum, appreciating some of the pieces and laughing at others (used soap glued to the wall and a seven-minute video of a pigeon drinking water, for starters).

To end the afternoon, we shared a piece of pumpkin cheesecake at the ever-classic (overpriced) Cheesecake Factory. Florent declared his first experience with cheesecake super bon.

wood horsethrough the windshieldJess & Umbrelladark

Kemper spider

RegardingWarm, salty fries. Rain. Free art. Sometimes the simple things are the best. But it all depends on who you’re with. 🙂


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