Hey, welcome to Modest Exaggeration.reading in chair

I’m Jessica, a junior at the University of Missouri-Columbia pursuing degrees in French, English, & Linguistics. I am passionate about the written word, and learning in general, as well as travel, music, education reform, all things French, and a host of other things, most importantly my faith in Christ.

You can usually find me…scribbling away in a notebook, sipping a chai tea, making delicious culinary messes, or singing along to loud music in my car.

On a quest from average to excellent, I’m on a mission to live life fully, for the right reasons. Here’s a space where I write about some of it, as well as lessons I learn and things I like or don’t.


do not resist chances. take them like vitamins.




8 thoughts on “Me

  1. Say what! So now you’re a cool cat?!!!! You’re a kid….so that makes me old ….dang!…not liking that!! But love you girl!

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